Commodities Financial Products

Commodities Financial Products includes Deutsche Bank's leading precious metals business and its pioneering investment products and client centric hedging solutions business to deliver the best and brightest ideas.

Industry Recognition

Precious Metals

As a leading player in every metals market, we’ve been able to grow where others have shrunk and supply liquidity when it has been scarce. Most notably, it is our willingness to develop and deliver new services that really sets us apart.

Whatever the size of your business, we can supply tailored solutions and services that balance risk and return. From our pioneering Autobahn trading platform to pre-paid forwards and an ‘allocated’ approach to leasing; we excel at innovations that help clients achieve their objectives and ambitions.

Investment Products

Our structured investment products provide the diversity, transparency and flexibility that investors of every size and style demand in today's dynamic market.

Our pioneering spirit and record of agile thinking has positioned us well in non-benchmark indices and we are a market leader in supplying benchmark liquidity.

We are leaders in providing client driven solutions and the launch of our custom strategies platform in 2013 created 42 new products specifically tailored to the individual requirement of each client. Whatever your commodities investment need, we have the solution.

Bespoke Hedging Solutions

Our structured commodities hedging business supplies bespoke financial solutions that are tailored to each client's risk profile and hedging requirements. Client centricity, the highest standards of execution and continual innovation differentiate our service. Our pricing and liquidity keep options open.

db-X ETC

db-X ETC are Exchange Traded Commodities (ETCs) – a commodity tracking solution offered by Deutsche Bank.

db-X ETC are transparent, exchange-traded products. ETCs enable investors to gain exposure to commodities without trading the underlying futures contracts or taking physical delivery. db-X ETC are continuously quoted during exchange trading hours and can be bought or sold via any custodian on the relevant stock exchange – like other common securities.

db-X ETC either track the spot price of physical commodities such as Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium or are based on commodities indices which comprise futures contracts.

Bullion Clearing and Custody Services

You can move bullion around the world around the clock with Deutsche Bank. From offices in London, New York and Singapore we offer true global coverage plus direct execution and automatic clearing. We also provide the flexibility bullion dealers are looking for. Holdings can be converted in both directions on demand and settled in multiple currencies.

From 2013 we’ll be the first bank to offer storage for coins, ingots and sponge via a single account. Our integration of clearing and custody means there is no more secure or streamlined way to trade, ship, store and manage bullion.

Commodities Research

Deutsche Bank's Commodities Research team deploys top-down and bottom-up analysis to assess the prospects for global energy, precious metals, industrial metals and agricultural markets. In addition, the team also examines the properties of commodities as a distinct asset class and the various strategies to extract alpha from commodity markets.

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