Credit Default Swaps

Deutsche Bank is a dominant player in all areas of the global credit default swap (CDS) market, and is regularly ranked a top market maker and trader in both high-yield and investment-grade CDS.

Credit Indices

Deutsche Bank is a premier provider of credit indices products. We are a founding member of iTraxx, the world's leading provider of credit indices, and a leading market maker in index-linked assets.

Asset Backed Debt

Deutsche Bank is one of the leading arrangers and traders of all classes of asset backed debt including Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS), and synthetic Asset Backed Securities (ABS).

Collateralised Debt Obligations

Deutsche Bank is a pre-eminent arranger and trader of Collateralised Debt Obligation (CDO) products including Cash CDOs, synthetic CDOs and CDO of ABS.

Structured Finance

Deutsche Bank is one of the most active providers of structured financing solutions that use credit derivative technology to companies to raise capital in innovative and cost-efficient ways.

Structured Investment Products

Deutsche Bank leads the field in developing new investment products that enable investors to access unique risk/return opportunities in the market and product structure of their choice.


Deutsche Bank is one of the leading arrangers and traders of convertible bonds in all the world's major markets with a broad network of international equity-linked originators, distributors and structurers across the globe.

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