Deutsche Bank is one of the market leaders in the Fixed Income markets on a global basis. We provide a comprehensive range of fixed income securities and OTC derivatives including, Government, Agency and Mortgage Backed Securities and a full range of vanilla and exotic interest rate, fund and inflation derivative products.

With our range of award winning products we deliver instant access to our liquidity and product expertise to our clients' desktop, giving our clients unparalled access to our range of vanilla and structured fixed income products.

Whether our clients wish to conduct their business electronically or via our global network of world class sales, trading and structuring staff, our track record in executing large trades coupled with our ability to structure, execute and risk manage complex transactions makes us the natural choice for many of the world's leading corporations and financial institutions.

Recognised as Interest Rates Derivatives House of the Year and Hedge Fund Derivatives House of the Year  by Risk magazine, 2012.

Longevity Markets

Deutsche Bank’s Longevity Markets Group provides longevity-linked asset and liability management solutions to pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, hedge funds and banks. We are at the forefront of this emerging sector with a clear commitment to seeing much-needed stability and increased choice made available to organisations with longevity and mortality exposures.

We are leading players in the three key areas of longevity and mortality: Pensions and Insurance Annuity Risk Management, Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) and the Extreme Mortality market.

We are well placed to provide clients with the tools they need to diversify their portfolios and hedge their positions. With more than 1,000 professionals in our Debt Capital Markets and Institutional Client Group in Europe alone, Deutsche Bank is able to leverage capabilities on a global scale.

Our business is organised to deliver the benefits of integrating multiple products across asset classes and is playing a key role in driving new industry initiatives to establish an efficient market in longevity related instruments.

Deutsche Bank is a founding member of the Life & Longevity Markets Association (LLMA), a not-for-profit venture formed to promote the development of a liquid traded market in longevity and mortality-related risk.

Government Bonds & Agency Securities

Deutsche Bank is one of the premier traders of government debt securities. We have a global network of primary dealerships and are one of only 2 banks in Europe who are a primary dealer for all European Bond Markets. We are the largest dealer in Germany, Austria and Italian government bonds and hold prominent positions in all major European bond markets, including the UK. The Bank is also a leading player in the Japanese Bond Market and the US Treasury Market.

Deutsche Bank is also a dominant player in agency debt worldwide. Our unique Cross Rates business allows clients to trade combinations of US Treasuries, agency debt, commercial mortgages and interest rate swaps on a single bid / offer price. Deutsche Bank is also a dominant market maker in German Pfandbrief market and in the growing market for Covered Bonds across Europe.


The best ideas come from alternative thinking

Deutsche Bank's dbalternatives provides the full range of hedge fund products and services: investment products, managed account platforms, secondary market trading, structured finance, risk management, fund distribution, options, and on-line reporting systems. It is the only group to offer all these services in one umbrella structure. dbalternatives has been voted the world's best provider of hedge fund products for the fourth consecutive time by Risk Magazine (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012), as well as Best Managed Account Platform 2011 and Best Overall Investment Platform 2011 by Hedge Funds Review

db-X markets

Origination and trading of Deutsche Bank’s investment products

Deutsche Bank brings together both the origination and trading of structured investment products under the “db-X markets” platform. As part of the investment bank, db-X markets gives institutional and private investors access to Deutsche Bank’s worldwide investment expertise.
db-X markets is a leading product issuer globally and comprises an international team of more than 150 specialists located in the world’s major financial centres – Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, New York, Milan and Johannesburg.

db-X markets provides the entire spectrum of modern investment products – from all types of certificates to bonds and funds. Via direct access to the bank’s global investment know-how, investors have the opportunity of investing in innovative strategies across all investment classes, such as the CROCI strategy, which is based on professional analyst recommendations.
db-X markets also offers WAVEs, which, alongside traditional warrants, are a cost-effective and transparent way of investing in leverage products. WAVEs are available on shares, indices, currencies and commodities.

Global Inflation

Deutsche Bank offers a full range of inflation services across the primary and secondary markets. We have a proven track record in inflation-linked product origination, trading and research, supporting a wide range of corporate and institutional clients around the world. To date, Deutsche Bank has been chosen more frequently, and by more sovereigns, for inflation linked issues than any other bank.

Our Inflation specialists work collaboratively with other teams to provide risk management and value-added solutions – sourcing inflation volatility from our corporate and retail clients, helping clients take advantage of current inflation anomalies and trading deflation insurance.

In addition to being a robust partner on whom clients can depend, we play an active role in education and knowledge-sharing on inflation-linked products and the development of inflation-linked markets, regularly hosting seminars in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

OTC Derivatives

Deutsche Bank is a leading provider of interest rate and inflation risk management solutions to banks, corporations, money managers and public bodies globally. The Bank's OTC Derivatives group is a major market maker in developed and developing derivative markets.

We make it a priority to stay at the forefront of product development, market trends and regulatory change so we can react quickly and efficiently to the changing requirements of the market and its participants.

One of our strategically important initiatives is OTC clearing.  dbClear is a service that re-enables our clients’ OTC operating model and allows continued access to our OTC derivative platforms. We believe that OTC derivative clearing services should be driven by our clients’ requirements and demands. Our objective is to minimize the impact of regulations on our clients business and operating models and to continue to be a full service partner for our key clients.

We continue to lead the way in product development and client delivery across retail, corporate, real money and leveraged sectors.

Our leadership in the derivative market has been reflected in numerous awards. In January 2012 we were recognised as Interest Rate Derivatives House of Year, Credit Derivatives House of the Year and Hedge Fund Derivatives House of the Year by Risk Magazine.

Global Rate's unique platform which integrates trading, research, structuring and distribution coupled with our global presence and market leading eCommerce technology have enabled us to maintiain our leading position in the marketplace.


Since 1996, Autobahn has been connecting clients to Deutsche Bank's award-winning electronic product and service offering. Originally launched as an execution tool, Autobahn now offers an integrated experience, and provides electronic access to Deutsche Bank's wealth of sales, trading and research know-how as well as seamless access to the bank's transaction banking services.

Benefit from IRS click to trade, request for stream and limit order execution across 18 currencies as well as real-time pricing and execution on over 7,000 bonds.

For more information visit: https://autobahn.db.com/

db X-trackers

db X-trackers are Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – an index tracking investment solution from Deutsche Bank.  db X-trackers ETFs have been available since January 2007.  With over 250 db X-trackers ETFs and more than EUR 35 billion of assets under management raised (per February 2012).

db X-trackers ranks in the top two ETF providers in Europe and top five globally. The db X-trackers product range offers exposure across various asset classes – equity, bond, credit, money market, currency, commodity and alternative investments like inflation or hedge funds.  db X-trackers ETFs are listed on different exchanges across Europe and Asia.  db X-trackers ETFs are supported by multiple market makers.

Interest Rate Derivatives House of the Year
Risk Awards, 2012

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