Foreign Exchange

  Autobahn is Deutsche
  Bank's award-winning
  electronic distribution
  service offering electronic
  trading for our broad
  spectrum of FX and
  precious metals products.

  dbOverlay is a
  comprehensive hedging
  solution offering an
  operationally efficient,
  transparent and cost
  effective mechanism for
  conducting FX and
  Share Class hedging.

 Deutsche Bank's FX Prime
 Brokerage is uniquely
 positioned to help navigate
 regulatory change. more


  FX4Cash offers a broad
  range of solutions for
  cross-currency payments
  and receivables targeted to
  Financial Institutions,
  Non-bank and Corporate
  Clients. more

  Leading the way in FX
  Indices with a total of over
  90 Indices. more

  Award winning research
  from the World's No 1 FX
  Bank. more


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Industry comment

Not just one dollar for Dolly

To say that this year has been challenging for FX investors would be an understatement. Trading volumes have plunged and realized volatility has dropped to the lowest levels since the late 1970s. There is a growing feeling that markets are penned in by an unending stream of exogenous shocks and surprises. Our theme in January’s Blueprint was that Fed tapering represented the ‘thin edge of the wedge’ and that the medium-term stronger dollar trend is intact. We hold to this view, but the last few months have demonstrated there’s more to life than the greenback. In the pieces that follow we stick to the dollar theme in some currencies, go against consensus in others, embrace carry in selective EM and focus on cross-trades elsewhere. Markets may feel “penned in,” but we see plenty of opportunity!

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